Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Surviving the Storm: What Storm Chasers Want You to Know" DVD now available!

As I announced at ChaserCon 2012 in Denver, my wife Shawna Davies has spent much of the past year putting together a 30-minute severe weather safety/preparedness program working with several other storm chasers, including James Skivers, Stephen Locke, and Bill and Anna Stromberg. It's now available on DVD for $13.95 at:
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With this project, Shawna wanted to use storm chaser knowledge and experience to do something good, apart from the usual storm chasing videos. Here's some excerpts from the Press Release:

With death and injury tolls from tornadoes in 2011 that were staggering, a group of professional storm chasers decided to use their considerable experience with violent weather to make an instructive and entertaining DVD to help people save their own lives when severe weather strikes. This DVD is titled “Surviving the Storm: What Storm Chasers Want You to Know”.

This 30 minute program provides life-saving tips and strategies for individuals and families to protect themselves against all types of severe weather... Safety segments show how to increase survival chances when violent weather strikes both indoors and out, including on the road. In addition, on-the-street interviews quiz people about severe weather knowledge with humor and wit, and a heart-pounding finale shows a mother and daughter acting to save their lives as a tornado strikes their home. Through use of exciting storm chaser footage and re-enactments of life threatening situations, this DVD offers an abundance of knowledge to survive deadly storms and severe weather.

With what appears to be a several-day period of severe weather coming up for the Plains during April 12 through April 16, now seems an appropriate time to announce this DVD. Please buy a copy and let your friends know about it, too. After a deadly year of tornadoes and severe weather in 2011, we really want people to be aware and prepared in 2012!


- Jon Davies 4/11/12

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