Wednesday, January 22, 2020

ChaserCon 2020 is almost here... Tornado Forecasting class on Friday, January 31!

Hi everyone!

ChaserCon 2020 is a little over a week away.  I'm doing a Tornado Forecasting class on Friday evening January 31 from 7:00 to 9:30 pm, with a break in the middle.  You can sign up at:


It's $30.00 per person... Just scroll down to the bottom of the page at the link above to register for the class.

I'll do more examples and interactive exercises covering supercell tornadoes than last year at Wichita, including a cold-core tornado case.  So don't miss it if you're interested in forecasting.

There's room for around 100-110 people, and we're up to 83.  Sign up soon!

I'll also be doing a talk on Saturday afternoon (February 1) about the crazy and confusing tornadic HP supercell in northeast Kansas last May 28, as part of the conference.

This will be the last ChaserCon in Denver hosted by Roger and Caryn Hill, so come if you can.  Hope to see you there!

(Thanks to Bill Hark for the photo at top from my class last year in Wichita.)

- Jon Davies  1/22/20