Sunday, July 12, 2009

New papers about nighttime tornadoes by Davies & Fischer

Two new peer-reviewed papers about nighttime tornado environments written by Andy Fischer (AWC in Kansas City) and me have just been published online in National Weather Association Electronic Journal of Operation Meteorology (NWA EJOM):

Environmental Characteristics Associated with Nighttime Tornadoes
By: Jonathan M. Davies and Anthony Fischer

Significant Nighttime Tornadoes in the Plains Associated with Relatively Stable Low-Level Conditions
By: Anthony Fischer and Jonathan M. Davies

There's some interesting things we found with nighttime tornado environments, including much larger storm-relative helicity (SRH), and significant differences in CAPE and CIN between the Plains and the southeastern United States. In the second paper, we looked specifically at a couple of significant nighttime tornado events in Kansas in 2008 that were associated with unusually large CIN and low-level stability.

I hope that meteorologists and students find these useful!

- Jon Davies 7-12-09

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