Thursday, April 30, 2009

Talk for Kansas City AMS chapter Thurs., April 30

Been really busy lately, so no posts or cases studies in the past couple weeks. If I get time, I'll see if I can do a post and quick study of the setting that spawned the tornado just west of Kansas City last Saturday (April 25), so stay tuned. Of course, I was in Oklahoma on my 2nd storm chase of the season that day. Ouch.

I'll be doing a talk this evening, "Busts, Thrills, and Things Learned from Storm Chasing" for the Kansas City AMS chapter at Cupini's restaurant in Westport around 7:30 p.m. Looking forward to seeing some fellow meteorologists and storm enthusiasts there.

- Jon Davies 4/30/09

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Chad Cowan said...

Hi Jon- I was on the Lawrence supercell from just about initiation but dropped to the next storm 10 minutes before it produced. Nailed the forecast but butchered the chase. Oh well. I haven't worked on my video (mainly because it's painful for me to watch) but I'll get it up this weekend. Here's a pic of the meso spinning over Clinton Lake: