Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Storm chasers featured on The Weather Channel's web site

FWIW, I'm being featured currently on The Weather Channel's web site along with several other prominent storm chasers. See:


There's some photos, video, and miscellaneous information about me there. Thanks to Tony Grohovsky at TWC for setting this up.

Shawna and I just got back from the Denver Chaser Convention. It was great talking with so many chasers there, including Reed Timmer, Tim Samaras, Roger Hill, Mike Umscheid, Matt Crowther and Betsy Abrams, Jim Leonard, Tony Laubach, Brandon Ivey, Kory Hartman and Kenny Allen, and I could on and on. The presentations by experts such as Rich Thompson, Dr. Greg Forbes, Tim Marshall and others were excellent. And Shawna's talk about chaser preparedness and first response was very well received.

Here's a good recap of the convention at examiner.com:


- Jon Davies 2/17/09


Rodney Price said...

Hey Jon,

Glad the conference went well! Would have loved to been out there but couldn't. Take it easy!


Unknown said...

You gave a great presentation and so did Shawna! I wish we would have had more time to talk but we were really busy with the live stream and new associate chasers.


Jon Davies said...

Hey Rodney:

Hope things are well In Wichita... Wish you could have been there. Thanks for the comment.


Jon Davies said...

Hi Kory:

Severe Studios did a great job with the streaming coverage and interviews at the convention! I know things were very busy, so no problem... we'll talk when things are less crazy.


Wong Junti said...

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