Saturday, January 31, 2009

Talks at Denver Storm Chaser Convention 2/14/09 and 2/15/09

I will be doing 2 talks at the Denver convention this year: "Thoughts and Research on Nighttime Tornadoes and Rain-wrapped Tornadoes", and "A Review of Some Recent Tornado Settings from a Chase Forecast Perspective". There will several excellent speakers, including Rich Thompson of SPC talking about tornado forecasting, Dr. Howie Bluestein on VORTEX-II, and also Dr. Steve Lyons and Dr. Greg Forbes from The Weather Channel.

In addition, my wife Shawna will be doing what I think is a very important and down-to-earth talk for chasers, "Beyond the Storm - Chasers Helping with Communities and First Response". See:

I understand there may be live online streaming of convention talks this year. So I hope you can make it to Denver, or at least watch online.

- Jon Davies 1/30/09

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